This olive variety is native to Castilla-La Mancha. It results in an extra virgin olive oil of an intense gold-green colour which stands out due to its density alongside its almond, apple and fruity notes. These are extra virgin oils which are fruity and aromatic, with medium level bitterness and pungency. When they are obtained from more mature olives, toward the end of the harvest, they feature different flavours and textures of exotic fruits such as avocado. The extra virgin olive oils made from Cornicabrapresent a noteworthy balance between an initial sweetness, a green leaf bitterness and a medium level pungency, therefore making them well suited in stews and roasts. These extra virgin olive oils are very stable due to their high content in polyphenols and monounsaturated fatty acids.

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This variety is the most widespread in Spain. It produces an oil of an intense fruity green aroma with notes of freshly cut grass and tomato plant. It is full bodied, with mild bitterness and pungency indicative of a higher percentage in antioxidants (polyphenols), characteristic of Picualolives which are turning colour. Its higher oleic acid content make it the healthiest and most essential as part of the Mediterranean diet, nowadays one of the most highly regarded for its multiple health benefits.

Especially recommended for raw intake in salads, with cheese or cold cuts for those who enjoy a full-bodied oil with an intense flavour.

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This is likely the freshest and most delicate variety. It produces oils which present fresh and fruity hints of almonds and other fruits. A bitter and pungent taste is almost non-existent in these oils and astringency notes rarely appear, if ever. They firstly present a mildness and offer a very delicate, pleasant and almond tingling sensation. We could describe them as oils which feature harmonious, mild, light, sweet and almost always almond notes with an aroma of ripe fruits, sometimes with exotic hints. It is an ideal oil to enjoy raw, on toast, salads, gazpacho, salmorejo and other cold soups, grilled foods, etc, as well as in baking.

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